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SmartHide UK Subscription
Posted by Vladimir Arustamov on 19 November 2013 08:45 AM

SmartHide presents a new SmartHide UK Subscription, which offers its users dedicated IP addresses in the United Kingdom. SmartHide UK Subscription enables you to use UK based services such as BBC iPlayer and others freely anywhere around the world.

High quality of the SmartHide servers connection allows you to comfortably view online videos and use other services on the Internet. The high level of cryptography securely hides your Internet activity and personal data from seeing. You can hide your real IP address as well.

SmartHide UK Subscription is available for all our users. It also allows to configure a VPN connection, not only on PC, but also on Mac, iOS and Android. You can register SmartHide UK Subscription on

You may also try SmartHide UK Subscription for free by registering a 7-day trial account

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A big DDoS attack on our main server
Posted by Richard Torn on 05 April 2013 12:57 PM

The majority of users noticed a considerable worsening of the server’s quality during last two days. The reason is a big DDoS attack on our main server that affects the stability of the whole system.

On the current moment we normalized the work of SmartHide software and connection to servers should be carried out without problems. But due to the fact that DDoS attack is still continues, the work of our site can have some problems. We do our best to wholly restore the SmartHide work and hope that all problems will be solved as soon as possible.
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Try SmartHide VIP subscription for free
Posted by Richard Torn on 19 March 2013 10:42 AM

We offer you to try our VIP subscription. All who wishes can use it for free during 7 days.

You need only to come to a trial page ( ) and to fill in the registration form. After this you will get a free access to one of the best tools for IP hiding and Internet traffic encryption for a week.

SmartHide VIP subscription offers users a dedicated personal IP in Europe and the USA, numerous shared ip all over the world, the possibility of simultaneous connection to servers from 10 different devices including mobile ones and also an unlimited downloadings and connection speed.

If you like to use Smarthide than after the trial period expiration there will be a surprise for you - 60% discount on the prolongation of subscription. The time of activity of this unique offer is limited so try the SmartHide VIP subscription right now:

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Personal EUR server will be on prevention in the next 24 hours
Posted by Richard Torn on 02 February 2013 07:29 AM

Dear SmartHide Customers,

Our Personal EUR server will be on prevention in the next 24 hours from 8 am UTC on 2 Feb 2013. Instead, all EUR personal subscriptions owners will be granted with an emergency EUR server.

Sorry for temporary inconveniences!

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We Make Cool Gifts for All New SmartHide Users
Posted by Richard Torn on 11 December 2012 07:07 AM

Today we start presenting great discounts for our best products: VIP, USA and EUR Subscriptions. If you are searching for a good software to hide your IP or just want to be anonymous in the Internet, or may be you want to bypass a censorship, then this is your chance.

You can try our best products absolutely free, and in case if you decide to continue using any of them, you get a great discount.

Get your free trial here

E.g. if you prolong your VIP Subscription (it is the best Subscription of ours), then you get 40% discount for ever. We think that it is a good way to be anonymous in the Internet for reasonable price.

Or you can prolong your EUR Subscription, and you get 10% discount for ever. Your monthly payment will be just $7.79
By prolonging your USA Subscription, you get 25% discount for ever.

If you still thinking and have any questions, you can ask us here

And if you do not have a free trial yet, register here: (FOR FREE)

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A quick note about the issue with VPNs in China
Posted by Richard Torn on 10 December 2012 11:27 AM
We hear more and more about issues with a free Internet access to the Internet in China. Authorities  tighten measures to limit the Internet on constantly basis. And now they have reached their appogeya - they blocked TOR and other popular VPNs recently.
By this step, they make it clear that now Internet users are no longer able to be anonymous in the Internet and every step they do will be traced in future.
One of our regular customer who still wants to be anonymous in China told us what is happening:
"Authorities here getting especially last 2 month extremely 'concern' about Internet. For your information using Android phone from December 1st cannot make portable HOTSPOT also. On the screen already is information, that cannot obtain IP address. Exceeded number of connections is on screen. Most of big town is already effected by this.
Google and gmail is totally defeated here. From web browser is very hard to access, mainly timeout. The same if using for example Microsoft Outlook with IMAP, POP and SMTP."


We are sure that this is a loud statement that anonymity is completely erased in China.

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