Why does SmartHide slow down my Internet speed?
Posted by Joseph Boyd, Last modified by Vladimir White on 17 November 2011 09:03 PM
SmartHide can slow down the Internet speed because of different factors:
  • Net overload;
  • Problems with the server;
  • Old software release;
  • Site you want to open is very large or does not exist;
  • Overloaded server;
  • Problems with internet channels on the way from the user to the server;
  • Geographical remoteness to the server.
We recommend you to go through the Speed test at with connected SmartHide and directly without SmartHide. And then compare the received results.
If your goal is to achieve a maximum speed, then you should do a speed test with all the SmartHide servers available and then pickup the fastest one for you.
You should also consider the fact that the speed can change with time. If a week ago you got a fast speed, some time later it may go down. At the same time other servers can increase the speed.
In the nearest future we plan to post a real time statistics of servers load on our SmartHide website and later on - to integrate it inside our software.
If you still have questions,  Contact Support Team.
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Ali Alshehri
17 September 2012 02:05 PM
good day

since i registered to smarthide everything was work perfectly then i re-new my registration and i have many problems with it.
now it take a long time to open any site and most of the time it doesn't open at all and it hanging the browser.

i have the ERU not USA
thank you
Richard Torn
29 September 2012 02:47 PM
Dear Ali Alshehri,
Sorry for making you wait. We dropped an email to you. Please check it out.
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