Advantages of Personal IP usage
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Today we are offering our customers the opportunity to use a variety of servers all over the world to maintain privacy in the net and receive the protection from the unauthorized access to personal data. One of the key directions in this field is the development of Personal IP technology. The given technology possesses a range of advantages in comparison to the usage of regular SmartHide server. Let’s take a closer look at these advantages.

1) Increased security level

One of the main advantages is that a user is assigned with a unique IP address accessible only to him/her. Due to this fact it becomes possible to increase the security level in the systems which utilize the function of “user assignment based on IP”. The essence of the function is that a user can link his account in any service to his personal IP which, in its turn, will prevent other people from accessing the account. In case if Personal IP is used in SmartHide you may rest assured that no one will access your IP. This definitely increases the general security level while using many Internet services.

2) Internet services accessibility

The usage of Personal IP considerably increases the accessibility of many Internet resources. Let’s analyze several examples below.

Internet forums

If you use regular servers for SmartHide connection the following situation may occur. Some of the Internet forums may block your account because of the forum internal rules violation, though you personally did not violate any rules. The fact is that lots of users connect through regular SmartHide servers and all of them have one and the same IP. Some of the users may naturally avoid the observance of the forum rules and regulations and as a result of the repeated violations such users may be banned from the forum based on the IP. In this case the rest of the customers, using the server which IP was banned, cannot gain the complete access to the given resource.

With the Personal IP such a situation does not occur at all – your IP address belongs to you only.

Fixed IP in any spot of the planet

If you are a frequent traveler you know for sure how cumbersome it is to change your IP address regularly. The same Internet services may become inaccessible for you because of the IP link. However using your Personal IP you have a fixed IP address no matter in what part of the world you are now. All you have to do is just launch SmartHide.

Access to file sharing services

Many of us, at least once in a life, download files from special services like  HYPERLINK “” Lots of the users do not use such resources frequently and there is no sense to create a paid account there. However, a free account has a range of limitations, one of them is the volume of the downloaded info through one IP address. If you are connected to a regular SmartHide service, with high probability there may be other users downloading files from the site you need and you will not have the opportunity to use this service in the nearest future. With Personal IP this problem is also solved because your IP in SmartHide is unique and belongs to you only.

3) Settings flexibility

Personal IP Subscription offers a variety of additional opportunities one of which is the settings flexibility.

Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding is a technology allowing to address a computer in the local network behind the router, using NAT (NAPT) from the Internet. The access is performed by means of the traffic redirection of certain ports from the external router address to the address of the selected computer in a local network.

Such a redirection is necessary if you, for example, use peering networks or if you want to arrange a server with Internet access on a local computer. The redirection is also sometimes required for multi-user games.

Personal IP Subscription allows to use port forwarding in any spot of the world, provider independently. Port forwarding operates successfully even if your ISP does not support such an option.

High speed

While using Personal IP our customers enjoy higher speed of the Internet connection. We assign a limited number of users to the channel with the fixed bandwidth, thus avoiding the channel overload and, as the result, the connection speed decrease for our customers. In case with regular servers the amount of users connecting to one and the same server is not limited. This may lead to the loss of speed for users in the Net.

Functionality extension

On the basis of Personal IP Subscription we plan to introduce lots of additional useful services increasing the security level of our customers, using Personal IP. This is one of the main directions that we are working on at the moment and we do hope that it will offer considerable benefits for our customers.

At the moment you can choose among few available Arovax SmartHide Personal Subscriptions. Please visit SmartHide Register page for more details>>>

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